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Consumer PR

Consumer PR

With a whole wealth of print publications to choose from, not to mention the myriad of online resources such as e-zines,  blogs and social media, the opportunities to get your brand noticed by consumers have never been greater.

However, there is an art to knowing which publications, journalists and bloggers are worth targeting in order to get your brand noticed by end users.

As experienced journalists, we are skilled at pitching stories to the national press and work with our clients to create compelling copy that hits the headlines for all the right reasons.  As the ultimate word of mouth endorsement, national media coverage can reach millions of consumers.

However, it’s not just the national media we focus on – we’re in touch with all the regional media too, so we can tailor campaigns to support you in your local area or to tie-in with a key customers’ launch or promotion.

Our creativity, responsiveness and enviable list of contacts ensures we get our clients noticed at the right time, by the right audience, helping turn brands into household names.